Brain Computer Interface

Brain Computer Interface

Muhammad Faraz Ashraf

Usman Institute Of Technology(UIT)

Abstract—This paper presents dynamically transforming smart phones into an eye lens connected with a head band. The first hardware and brain interface which will allow continued communication with different people without using any body part or voice recognizer. The new technology called as INFORMATIVE will form a holographic display in front of human being and will work according to the command send by the brain signals of the respective human being wearing that device.


For the past 3 decays the rate of advancement in technology is very rapid and everything is moving toward conciseness. Over this time almost every device is converted into smaller products e.g. from main frame computers to tablet pc’s and now smart phones but unfortunately everything which is built requires physical movement of external body parts of human being. For example we use hands or voice recognition system to operate any device.


The holographic display is the new technology which is used to display the data on the screen without any physical medium. Using holographic algorithms, it transforms all the images we want to project into sets of diffraction patterns, which are shown on a tiny micro display. When laser light illuminates the micro display, the projected image is formed by diffraction [1]. These patterns will be intelligent enough and will only display in front of human eye at a particular area so at the same time human can work and can display the incoming data from the device without distracting himself from normal routine. The human being will be able to view both screens at the same time the 1st one will be normal projection which a person watches from his eye and the second one will be a holographic display of extra data from the device. Both will be combined in such a way that user will not have any difficulty using the device in normal routine.


The brain computer interface (BCI) is used to catch the signals of the brain and use them in controlling the device. Brain is a very important organ of the human being without brain a person cannot stay alive, Brain is a central processing unit of the human body and every action dictated by the brain is mandatory for the human body to implement [2]. If a brain can run the whole complex human body so we can also use brain to run small devices. The neural signal generated to the hands and mouth will be captured by the INFORMATIVE and every action will be done according to directions by the user’s brain. The connected holographic displaying laser will display the information in front of human eye [3]. For example if a user is sitting in a meeting and he finds something interesting during the discussion so that particular information will automatically be saved in the memory and if user thinks of displaying that information then the that piece of information will be displayed in front of his eye. The INFORMATIVE will be smart enough to not disturb human being during his important work and not store irrelevant information.


Molecular memory is a new type of data storage technique that use molecular species as the data storage element, rather than conventional DRAM which uses charge discharge technique that uses more power is works slow[4]. The molecular memories will work faster and takes less space. As research have proven that molecules could perform the functionality similar to semiconductors and they can work as switches and diodes by adjusting the molecules in fixed logical architecture using arrays. These molecular rams will be used to save large amount of data processed by thinking of the human brain. We can say that molecular rams will be the main hub of our data storage as this device will not contain only one data storage module. The device can be connected to a Wi-Fi and excess or back up data can also be send to the cloud (external data source).


The INFORMATIVE will be charged through the sound energy or solar energy as it is preferred to be used by the people working outside so there will be no interrupt in this device. The gadget will contain two devices one will be the head band that will sense the brain signals, a memory that will store these signals, a WI-FI connecting modem and a charger while the second part will contain the eye lens that will display the information in front humans eye. There can be different modes of the device so we can convert it into sleep mode if we don’t need to use the device or we can

make it to read only mode so at this moment no new data will be added to the memory.


The INFORMATIVE will be very use full for the public figures and people with high ranks because while presenting a speech they will not need to remember that speech or they will not have to watch down towards the paper every time because everything will be coming on their screen and if a speech have to be changed in between so the speech writer can send the data to the device through WI-FI.

If a user wants to know the information about the product he is watching so that information will be searched from internet and will be displayed in front of human’s eye.

This device will be specially beneficial to the paralyzed people who cannot move their body parts but their brain signals work so if they want to says something they will think of it and the signals will be send from the detecting device towards the memory and from memory to the internet .

This device will also be helpful for the disabled children’s because their parent will know that what these children’s want to say and what are their intentions.

This device will also be help full for the workers who works on places where assembling of complicated devices are done because the device will display the information related to the particular object and they can also interact with their senior members if something goes wrong from their device.

It will also be help full for the students because if they think that this particular topic is important so that topic will be saved in the memory and later they can view what teacher have thought in the class.

It will be helpful in remembering the important dates and events so you will never be late to the meting.

The last feature of the INFORMATIVE i want to mention is that this device will give the details of any thing you think .


In this paper, we have presented an idea of a future device which will run through human brain and will do all the work a person can think. The solar charged device that can display holographic data and can be used by every sect of people was the main theme of this research paper. I believe that this gadget is part of a larger trend toward building brain interfaced smart phones. As technology progresses, the variation in mobile devices is likely to become more pronounced, making such techniques essential.


I believe in future this device can be more enhanced to communicate and there will be no need of tablet pc’s or hand held smart phones. The INFORMATIVE will contain its own operating system and software developers from the around the world will be writing the application software’s for the device as they do it for the I phones and androids which will be like a new world of computer science.


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[3].Farhan Rasheed Department of electronics engineering UIT.

[4]. MolecularMemoriesthatSurviveSiliconDevicePro.pdf


My Piece On Fairy Tales…

Impact on people due to Fairy Tales…

The term fairy tale came from the french rote called  “contes de fees” translated in english as “fairy tales”. This name became so popular that tales of grimms brothers and other writers were also being called as “fairy tales”.

Deep analysis into the tales by grimm brothers we’ll realize that portrayed  the consociation between greed of people with richness and some negative impression is also shown in most of the tales where males are dominating the society.

The wolf is portrayed as a male In the tale  ‘The wolf and the seven goslings’ where he cleverly goes into the goose house with his tricks and also get his work done by threatening the miller, writer writes here “and that shows what  men are”.
Men have always been a dominating the society, in early ages of the world we will see that men are always considered to be the master. The king always played a role in ruling  whereas there are few examples women have ruled. Even in the modern democratic society the dominance of male over other gender is still evident.
Inducted in our mind from childhood in stories like  ‘Cat and Mouse’ where the male (cat) easily deceives the female (mouse) even though  the cat hints the mouse thrice with names of children, “top off, half gone and all gone”.
Fed with the ideology that superiority lies with men and they are always superior than women. The mouse cried for the injustice but dominating cat replied “Will You hold your tongue!, another word and I devour you too.“ The story on a  note that a selfish  man wins while a poor caring woman who showed loyalty loses. Such stories  have made psychological impact on children making them think power lies with man and this is what we see these days.