My Piece On Fairy Tales…

Impact on people due to Fairy Tales…

The term fairy tale came from the french rote called  “contes de fees” translated in english as “fairy tales”. This name became so popular that tales of grimms brothers and other writers were also being called as “fairy tales”.

Deep analysis into the tales by grimm brothers we’ll realize that portrayed  the consociation between greed of people with richness and some negative impression is also shown in most of the tales where males are dominating the society.

The wolf is portrayed as a male In the tale  ‘The wolf and the seven goslings’ where he cleverly goes into the goose house with his tricks and also get his work done by threatening the miller, writer writes here “and that shows what  men are”.
Men have always been a dominating the society, in early ages of the world we will see that men are always considered to be the master. The king always played a role in ruling  whereas there are few examples women have ruled. Even in the modern democratic society the dominance of male over other gender is still evident.
Inducted in our mind from childhood in stories like  ‘Cat and Mouse’ where the male (cat) easily deceives the female (mouse) even though  the cat hints the mouse thrice with names of children, “top off, half gone and all gone”.
Fed with the ideology that superiority lies with men and they are always superior than women. The mouse cried for the injustice but dominating cat replied “Will You hold your tongue!, another word and I devour you too.“ The story on a  note that a selfish  man wins while a poor caring woman who showed loyalty loses. Such stories  have made psychological impact on children making them think power lies with man and this is what we see these days.


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