The Explanation of the quote with respect to HR – Principle

“Into the hands of every individual is given a marvelous power for good or evil—the silent, unconscious, unseen influence of his life. This is simply the radiation of what man really is, not what he pretends to be.”

The HR-Principle:

Before studying the Principle of HR-Managers we will first look around what actually is the mindset of a normal human being. The HR-Managers are also humans so they have all those features which an average person has and they behave according to their feelings. Some people looks more happy and relaxed while others look tensed and dull. These all emotions in a human life determine their working capability. In simple words this is called human capital. Capital is a word which we hear in a form of money, loans and other financial ways but actually capital has got a very broad meaning. The honesty, education, experience, training, knowledge and humans good habit are all comes into the definition of capital specifically spoken as human capital.
Now coming back to our main topic of defining these important features in terms of HR-Manager. The Companies before selecting an employee searches many qualities in the upcoming employee. First the candidate clears the entry test based on his educational skills but after that all the interviews which are done are based on checking whether the person have  the abilities which are required to mange a group of people because at the end of the every manager is an HR-Manager. So the human capitals play a vital role in passing these interviews.

The Hr-Manger must have all the capabilities of providing good response to company and this response are dependent on his overall mindset. This is a fact that how human lives in his life determines how he actually performs all his work. The nice person will always provide ray of light, hope and good feeling among his fellows, similarly a honest person will not only perform his duty well but will also show the message if not verbal then through his attitude to the surrounding that the work could also be done in a honest and a correct way. So judging a right person for a HR-Manager is a very important task and one should be well aware that the person who is joining the office will be having the fate of the company in his hands. Every person radiates the capabilities he has to the others right or wrong and these features come into the person mind through the surrounding and by his daily routine. A manager coming from a highly reputed company and have a vast experience will mostly provide benefit to the new company because along with him will come an experience that is irreplaceable. That is why many students prefer to move abroad for their higher studies the reason is not that they will not get the good education in their country but the major factor behind going abroad is to get familiar with the surroundings and gain the experience and capabilities which they will not get in their own country. After some time these students then come back to their home land and they are appointed with high salaries because the companies know that along with the educational skill these people will have additional skills like communication, coordination, managements, working on time and honesty skills which they will not only follow during their job but will also transfer these skills to the other employees working in the office.
The Hr-Manager should have all of these proficiencies to exhibit their duties perfectly. They should be aware of the fact that teaching those things to employee which they don’t follow themselves is useless because nobody will understand it.
For e.g. Manager giving instruction to the juniors that come on time but he himself comes late that means the message he is providing to the juniors is to actually not to come on time. Because people follow the visual effect more than the verbal declaration. The HR-Manager should have work experience; skills and ability to manage the organization which will not only help the company grow but will also create positive impact on the colleagues. He should also be honest and sincere which will create more honest people in the company.
Similarly the managers should have the ability to track the wrong doing in the system and to take counter measures to deal with the situation because nobody has the power to ignore the constant influence and if the wrong doing starts in one part of the system then it will be unstoppable for a company to get out of that trouble.
E.g. Govt. offices in Pakistan.

In short every person has a great impact on the organization and a good skillful and honest manger will make a company excel while the dishonest and favored selection of a manger through recommendations will destroy not only that particular post but will also create a very bad impact on the other employees of the company.


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