My view on Long and Short Term Policy Makers

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Difference between long and short term policy makers.

The Project manager is a person who directly contributes in the achievement of the organization. He is consider to be the back bone of the organization as all the work being done in the company is managed by the manager. He directs others to work and show them the way towards the success of the organization. Planning, organizing, staffing, leading, controlling are the major functions of management. Creating and maintaining of working feasible environment and assigning different to different people is the major task of managers. To organize all of these things accordingly so that an organization can produce high profits in future is all dependent on the mission and vision strategy of the Project manager.

Short Term Policy Makers:
The Project manager of the organization has to two different strategies to decide that how he will manage his organization. The managers who believe in short term policy are the one who make their policies daily and implement them on regular basis without considering the future. They are not concerned with the organization appraisal but the daily profit is what they focus on. These managers do not have good relations with the market as they believe that they are superior and the market people will come back again to them.
E.g. Political parties coming in power don’t think of next elections.
Their plans are focused entirely on particular projects and they don’t have second option that if the project fails then what will be the way out. These managers hire people from project to project and they waste a lot of precious time and valuable money in hiring employees throughout the year. The other major disadvantage the managers who plan short term policy get is market myopia. They start believing that the their product is perfect and they don’t need to change their plans and working structure, the organization run by these managers gradually disappears from the market.
E.g. Henry Ford destroyed his company’s reputation by not changing the design of cars. (Ford).
The managers like Henry ford and others believed that what they are developing today is perfect and they don’t need to think of future which causes their company great loss because people needs, wants and demands gradually changes and these things should be consider by a manager to make their organization profitable and respectable.
E.g. Engro fertilizers developed a fertilizer plant when Pakistan did not had gas to run the plant and the plant is shut down since 2 years.




Long Term Policy Makers:
The long term policy makers are the most successful managers in the world. They believe in future and they create plans according to future assessments.
e.g Facebook owner Mark Zubergbeg did not allowed adds and also made the website free for users to sign up.
This strategy caused him great loss in early stages when there were very fewer resources to run the world largest social network but gradually the users increased and he started getting sponsors and now he is the world youngest billionaire.
The future strategist works everything according to plans and they have plan A and plan B which helps them in difficult positions. They discuss more with seniors and use their most of the time planning instead focusing on one project their focus is on multiple projects. Managers who plan for future takes a lot of time in hiring an employee but once they have hired an employee the drop out ratio is very less. They also consider new technologies and plan according to these developments.
E.g. Good manager’s works on C# (desktop computing) as well mobile and cloud computing (Iphone, Amazon).
Visionary mangers have good reputation in market as they respect each client and they believe in give and take policy instead of leaving the client after the work has been done they try to held good relationship with their clients. Future sensitive managers focus on available resources and make strategies according to these resources.
E.g. Asad Umar of Olpers Pakistan shifted their company from fertilizers to dairy products. Today Olpers and Omore is leading brand of Pakistan.
Leading business in the world run on public relationships and their products are sold not just because of their quality but because of their reputation in the market. Good managers play key role in public relationships and invest a lot in their public relations department.
Future centric managers does not run their organization around some people they have broad strategies and they work on succession planning. Goals are important in the eyes of managers instead of people. The good managers create plan on which organization runs during this process faces changes but the goal and the process remains the same. The organizations whose managers plan for future are less affected by the environmental, political or economical break down in the region.
Ending With Famous Quote:

– Vision without action is daydream and Action without vision is nightmare.



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